At Moov2, my place of work, we have been hard at work on a project that I am going to introduce to you right now! .NET MVC Boilerplate!

This project came about because there was a need for having an extendable base for which to begin new projects from. We found when starting a new project we kept repeating the same tasks & writing the same code, a process we called, create walking skeleton. The idea of a walking skeleton is a concept I first came across when reading Growing Object-Orientated Software, Guided by Tests. The walking skeleton can take time to get into place due to big infrastructure decisions need to be made, once completing the skeleton you should be in a position to start implementing features (by writing tests ofcourse). That is exactly what .NET MVC Boilerplate does, puts you straight into a position to start implementing features.

The project is currently still in its early stages, but it is pack full of features & tools to allow you to develop a project using the popular ASP.NET MVC framework. The project is open source and hosted on Github where there are instructions on how to get started and a little bit of documentation. Currently we are aiming to add more documentation about the ins & outs of the project and the features it offers.

If you want to get involved then please do! That would be amazing! Fork the project and contribute, or add some issues / queries that you have about the project. If you have any questions please feel free to email myself at or Dan (boss). We are really happy with how well it integrates with out development process so we are hoping it can also be of use to others.