Ghost Logo

It's been a while since my last blog post due to a combination of work, sport commitments & enjoying a summer away from the computer. To pump up my enthusiasm to get back on the blogging horse I've decided to switch my blog from WordPress to the new kid on the block, Ghost.

Ghost is an open source blogging platform that was funded by the popular Kickstarter service. Released to the public in the middle of October this year, the blogging platform runs on another new kid on the block, NodeJS. Being open source, Ghost is a great platform to dig around and start learning about NodeJS for those, like me, who are unfamiliar with the environment. The Github issues provide lively discussions from evelopers looking to push the platform forward to reach it's full potential with new features, refactors & bug fixes.

Transferring Content

Moving from WordPress was relatively simple for myself due to a small amount of content (mainly posts) that needed to be transferred. I didn't rely on any WordPress plugins so focus was primarily on getting posts from WordPress into Ghost. An import feature that automates the process of getting posts from another blogging platform into Ghost is currently in development. Because I've only got around 30 posts on my blog, I decided to manually transfer the posts, which gave me a chance to double check the formatting of the posts wasn't all messed up.

Introducing Macey

With the move, a fresh new paint was required as the current WordPress theme wouldn't work in Ghost. Instead of doing the simple thing and sticking with the default theme, I decided to implement my own, named after one of my girlfriends dogs, Macey. Starting fresh, using nothing from the previous WordPress theme, the Ghost theme gave a great chance to learn more about the blogging platform. Creating a Ghost theme is fairly straight forward, especially if you've got experience with JavaScript templating engines, specifically Handlebars.

Previous blog themes I've created have been tightly coupled to my blog. Macey was created with a focus on being easy for others to use & extend for their own Ghost blog. The theme is a minimal design with a focus on being performant. The theme contains a Gruntfile to aid with processing source files to ensure they're optimised for a live environment.

Macey will be made available in the future for free on the Ghost marketplace, a store for free & paid Ghost themes. For now, the theme can be download on a simple web page setup via Github pages.


It's an exciting time for Ghost. It's a priviledge to be a tiny part of the excitement by using the platform in it's infantcy. I'm really excited to see the platform grow, to see what it becomes as it continually grows in the open, for all to follow.

Hopefully you will see a bit more activity on my blog also, got some great posts in mind for the future. Watch this space!