So turns out I have some designer blood in my developer veins! Merely a week after finally uploading my WordPress theme, I have decided to give it a bit of a makeover. I decided to get up to watch the start of the Formula 1 2012 season in Melbourne, and while watching I got my hands dirty in CSS (well lesscss to be more precise) to give my blog a bit more colour. The reason for the lick of paint was I just thought the old design was a bit bland and dull, so I thought some new colours and layout tweaks will make more of a statement.

The code for the old version is still available on Github tagged under v1 if you fancy having a look. So, I present to you version v1.1! Mainly aesthetics but does include a tiny feature change. I have placed a screenshot.png into the root of the created theme directory so the word press dashboard shows a screenshot of the theme. I am hoping to add some more content, features and jazz up the theme with some JavaScript over the coming months.

The Melbourne grand prix was a great way to start of what could potentially be the best season ever. Big well done the McLaren & Jenson Button for a great start to the season, I am sure Redbull will be looking for a big response in this weekends grand prix in Malaysia. After that is the Chinese grand prix, which will be doubly interesting as it will be the first grand prix that both Sky & BBC will show the full race live. Personally I will be sticking with BBC when they are showing the live race, I think their coverage is second to none!