As part of some research for an upcoming project I checked out out the latest offerings from the brilliant team responsible for Robotlegs. If you're not familiar with Robotlegs, it is a AS3 framework that assist with your application architecture helping with dependency injection, command management, view management & module management. They've been working hard on a new, more flexible & intuitive version which still uses similar principles from the original version. Having used the original version of the framework in a few projects, I would recommend the framework to anyone wanting to create a project using AS3, Flex or AIR.

The sample application is just a simple todo list and all the source code is available on github. The code is covered with tests wherever possible, with a focus on writing tests first in order to aid with architectural decisions. Please feel free to checkout out the source code and any feedback or criticism is welcome as it is an opportunity for me to learn and get different flavors on how others would go about things.

As far as Robotlegs 2 goes, I think its a great update and didn't take long at all to get up and running. Documentation is provided every step of the way, and if that isn't enough I found probing through the source code was such a useful exercise. Once the context & the new application config was setup it was plain sailing really with no headaches at all. Huge congrats to the Robotlegs team for doing a superb job.

I also used the new release from Apache Flex 4.8, which I built myself. To be honest I didn't really notice anything different here really, which was expected as the 4.8 release is the same code as 4.6.

Do checkout the source and feel free to get in contact with any queries or pointers.